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Naitik Chhatbar
CEO, Founder - Yourview

Syeda Arfa

As a ton of chaotic emotions messes with her heart, she plays with pen and paper and turns her sorrows into art. Arfa is a medical student with immense love for art present in every fiber of her being. She is a poet and a writer. She writes to heal the broken. Her poetry is somewhat a mixture of bitter-sweet emotions, oftentimes penned down with intensity and darkness. She hopes her poems can be a light to those who are in the dark and guide them out of their misery. She hopes that when she leaves the world behind, her words will still keep her alive.

Priyanga MS

Born and brought up in Chennai, Priyanga is fond of collecting memories of beautiful moments that pass through her life. Preserving the memory of people she meets through poems and stories.
She is an introvert who connects to the world through her words.
A budding writer and has co-authored many poetry anthologies. She believes in sharing smiles, being hopeful and in leaving behind a trail of happiness. 

Christina Welder

Leaving pieces of herself in songs, poems, and places she visits, Christina Welder is a 29 year old woman that loves to express her experiences, emotions, and thoughts out onto paper. Christina is from Canada, but her feet are never cemented in one place. Her words come to life as words written on a page, paint splattered on a mural, or a photograph taken in a storm. She is not afraid to pour out her heart to others, and hopes to heal herself and others through her expressive writing/art. 

Maha Madadali

Inking her thoughts as they come to paper, she leaves her prints behind as she passes a place, for some it’s just ink stains and for others it’s life. Writing helps her find solace and a platform as powerful as this magazine gives the power to grow and connect to people.
Her words present you her journey from a hard setbacks, from fighting her demons and fears playing with her mind these are her poems longing to see the light of the day, here’s all of her heart to make y’all see your ground and may it helps you see a way to your sky.

Sahib Singh

Words lost in the chaos of his thoughts turn into poetry. His poetry talks of Love, Anxiety and
Loss. In poetry, he finds himself and a connection to everything. Finding metaphors in day to
day life comes as breathing to him. He loves to look under the superficial meaning of things.
He’s Sahib Singh, a curious 19y/o guy trying to look at things the way they haven’t been!’

Kimberly Marlene Esparza

Kimberly is a poetess.
Born in November, she’s from Mexico, but she was randomly born in a small city in Texas.
She writes controversial but everything comes from her heart and true self.
Her feelings are always involved in every poem.
She describes her poetry as deep, dark and or a rant.
She’s not afraid to write.
She’s sometimes afraid to make it public.
Sometimes she has to use trigger warnings.
Kimberly is a kind person, but life struggles taught her about different perspectives and
She doesn’t like to stay quiet, but even silence is a way of communication.
Her pen name is Mar. Abbreviation of her middle name Marlene. But Mar means ocean in
Spanish. And she relates. Beautiful, dark, mysterious and deep.

Mehdi La

This is Mehdi, from North Africa, the kingdom of Morocco, he expresses himself through his street photographs.
He believes that each one of his captured moments tells a story. A soul full of hope, care and good vibes.
Armed with the 35mm, he creates a storytelling of each moment captured. He loves to work with the sunlight,
the moonlight and the objects of the beautiful nature of morocco. Simple joys of life, animals,
and human’s emotion are his main inspirations.
It is his dream, to reach out to a large number of people and heal them, through his pictures.
You should have a look at his social media accounts and feel free to talk to him about his photographs

Dane Petersen

This is Dane from south Africa cape Town, he started writing in his early teens as a way of expressing himself, after Dane got out of his comfort zone and put his writing out there he has grown so much, taking part in competitions, he is the co-author of a few books and creating a name for himself on social media. He believes we all have a story that needs to be told and those stories helps the lost and encourages those who feel hopeless. You should check him out on his social media platforms and feel free to start a conversation with him as his always open to conversation about what really matters 

Sabhya Damodar

A girl with countless emotions with a pinch of boldness and who isn’t afraid of accepting the same. A soul full of hope, care, positivity and love which clearly is showcased in her poetries and write ups. She wants to try using her writing to express about what everyone else fails to talk about. She could be right, she could be wrong But she won’t shy away to explore new dimensions of life.
Introducing Sabhya Damodar, a free soul.

Nanthini Chandrasekaran

This is Nanthini Chandrasekaran from Karur, Tamil Nadu. She had done her Masters in English Literature and also completed course for Lyric writing. She is currently pursuing her dream as a professional writer and Lyricist. Her writings are penned in Tamil and English. She won many writing contests and doing songs for movies. To her everything in life is so precious and to be praised by penning them on the hearts of her readers. You can contact her for more details on her Instagram account

Anandhi Moorthy

Anandhi Moorthy is a content editor by profession and poet by passion. Writing is her coping mechanism; armed with the pen, she battles the uncertainties and escapes the monotony of life. Her poems are on inspired by nature, simple joys of life, greek mythology, and the full spectrum of human emotions. Lemon tea is her secret formula to tackle writer’s block and create poems that make you feel deeply. Awestruck by classic literature, she believes that writers are artists who have the power to take the readers on a epic journey. 

Mannat Arora

Mannat Arora is a passionate writer who started writing when she was 13 years old. She is a resident of the beautiful City of lakes-Bhopal,whose picturesque landscapes and monuments,often act as her muse. She is an ardent lover of literature,space science and music. Most of her writings are published on online poetry sites like-Miraquill, AllPoetry, Hello Poetry and on her blog-Faded Footsteps.Her poems are narrative and occasional verses that are based on her profound observation of life. They emphasize on the feelings of self-love and self-care and holding on to hope,even in the darkest of times.Through her poems,she likes to engage the reader,in her understanding of the deeper meaning of the universe and the intrinsic beauty it hides. It is her dream,to reach out,to a large number of people and heal them,through her words. She is a worshipper of art and firmly believes that life imitates art far more than art imitates life.

Siddhi Ved

Siddhi is an amateur writer.
She used to love reading books since she was 10. Reading eventually made her pen down her thoughts and feelings into her diary.
So writing has always been a part of her since she was 15. These thoughts were never shared with anyone.
Just randomly she wrote a poem once and thought of posting it. The amount of love and encouragement she got from her friends made her write more and more.
She never knew she could write poetries as well.
So now she is penning down her thoughts and her feelings in the form of poetries.

Akanchha Choudhary

Akanchha is a common girl from the small town of Baidyabati in West Bengal.Art and Literature have a deep connection with her soul.
She calls herself a self-taught Artist. Paper, pencil and colours attracted her attention at a very early age, so she had started practicing on her own. Whatever picture pleased her eyes she used to imitate.She firmly believes in the proverb ‘Practice makes a man perfect.’
She is a Diary writer too with innumerable aspirations. She writes in Hindi as well as in English. She is highly influenced by the great Indian writers such as Ravindra Nath Tagore, R. K. Narayan, Munshi Premchand and Mahadevi Varma.

Simra Sajid was a child prodigy. Her parents and teachers recognised her innate ability of converting thoughts and imaginations into rhythmic dancing words. She won many accolades in her school life and since then the journey never stopped. She is extremely in-tune with how others are feeling and her writing explores the depth of human nature. She is now 18 years old and has penned down approximately 85 written works, mainly poems. She is a professional writer and pursuing her higher studies in English literature. You can Google her name to find more of her works.