Poems by Priyanga MS-

I’d say I love you
Trust me, I want to,
But, you see, the words,
They don’t come out
The way they used to.

Carefree, straight from heart,
Not anymore.
It takes a toll,
Being hurt and left behind,
Used and walked on,
It changes people
And the words
They refuse to leave my lips.

Even when I force them out,
They stand their ground
They throw, hatred instead,
Love comes out as, leave,
Hope turned into, stop.
Smiles, turn upside down.
Words that are hurt
Start weighing consequences
Even before they are uttered.

So, I’ll say I like you, for now,
And we’ll take it from there,
If someday,
The hurt doesn’t repeat itself,
When my words,
Are brave enough to leave their shell,
Someday, maybe someday then,
If you still linger around to hear them,
I’ll introduce you,
To Love.

Spill me!
On the pages of your diary,
With the ink gliding smoothly,
Forming words that connect
You to me.

Let’s write poems
On the right side
While the left, is reserved
For graffiti.

Scribble me!
With lines intertwined,
Overlapping here and there.
With knots and curves

Blot me!
On the last pages.
Every now and then,
When the ink dries off,
Just do a spin.

Cartoon me!
On alternate pages
Of the living or imaginary,
People or things,
Inside your head.

Draw me!
With wild strokes,
And shade me!
Of colors of the rainbow
From your pages to eternity.

Words, a blanket
On a cold night
Giving warmth to a frozen soul.
They comfort you.

They make sure you do not feel alone
They surround you,
They shower you with confidence
Reassuring you.

Words, an escape from reality,
Freed from the chains of captivity.
Words let you travel through the universe
Living life in its own essence
Without having to force upon yourself
A meaning for your existence.
Words neither question you,
Nor are they judgmental.

Words, the only place
Where I belong,
My world that sings along
To my heart’s dearest songs.
It doesn’t care if I’m on a loop mode,
Or if I mix up my jam a little.
And if nothing resonates with my mood
Words help me create my own tune.

Words are my chatty friend
Who hasn’t been introduced to silence.
Words scream out loud,
The pain I dread!
All the sorrows unsaid.
Words do not try or force to change me
What I am, what I’m not,
Words do not care, they let me be.

Words accept me.

Different shades of green
Scattered before me.
I walk straight into it
Hoping to be found.

I’ve run away
From the chaos, suffocating me,
Into this magical world,
Where I see my dreams unfurled
Right before my eyes.

Rocks covered with moss
Wet and slippery, waiting,
For the moment you step on,
Just to slide you into the ice cold water.

The smooth rocks on the river bed
Crystal clear, like a picture,
Waiting to be painted.
Tiny fishes chasing around,
In the undisturbed territory, unknown
To the buzzing world.

I wet my feet, sending shivers through my skin,
I feel free, naked, unjudged.
As I glide towards the waterfall,
I rediscover my inner self,
A soul, fallen in love with nature.

I stay there for a while,
Basking in the soft rays of the sun
Letting it evaporate, the droplets on my skin.
When at last, I decide to leave,
The only thing, I could leave behind
Was a trail of wet footprints,
To ever be called mine.

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