poems, And photography by Christina Welder-

We feel the cold winds of the Atlantic,

while we embrace among sand and debris. 

We placed un whispered words into a seashell,

and let them drift out into the empty sea.  


Like a warm fire on the sands of the shore,

our love came alive among the silent wave. 

The sun hid behind the horizon,

while we existed into unknown days. 


A love that could kindle the ocean,

and make the stars come to life.  

We must part our ways now dear,

from these feelings we can’t describe.

I knew a girl who loved to paint, 

she took the colors from his eyes,

painted them on her heart so faint,

and couldn’t wash them off if she tried. 


But her passion started to die,

while the metal brush began to rust,

the painting from her heart began to dry,

and her colors collapsed into dust. 


I knew a girl who loved to dance,

her world was a love song’s beat, 

she began to sway her body to the music,

waiting for someone to sweep her off her feet. 


But the music started to slowly fade,

she began to fumble and fall out of sync,

she sought out the songs that kept her alive,

for they were the forgotten missing link. 


I knew a girl who loved to write,

“I’m in love with the characters” she said,

her words came to life on worn out paper,

the most beautiful story you would have read. 


But one day her love turned sour,

she threw fraying books into the fire,

staring at the pages that burned through time,

losing love for the characters once admired. 


People change along the years,

writing their chapters with limited time,

always find your purpose if you can,

and paint your sky with colors from your life. 


Christina | wordsbycw

I remember the heat on my face from the sun, as I drive through the memories of my past,

The song turned up loud with the wind in my hair,

hoping to keep the memories of you last. 


The old familiar scent of the summer air,

And the quiet sound that rang in my ears,

Old worn out wheels brought me too far,

While I drove absentmindedly through the years. 


Your silhouette seemed to disappear,

No map can show me how to find you,

Embedded into my heart was the regret,

And I come to terms with what I lose. 


Christina | wordsbycw


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