Poems by Kimberly Marlene Esparza-

I’m a hypocrite. That is why I write.
You missed the point of all the lies.
I’m not you playing perfect and wise.
I’m an endless bag of errors.
It’s self-sabotage.
This is my house. With my spray painted walls.
The color I chose yesterday. I hate it now.
The calls I made yesterday. Blocked.
Different memo. Different log.
I’m always changing.
I’m always wrong.
I’m such a hypocrite.
You missed the point in what I write.
A museum of arts and crafts.
Welcome to my exposure.
This is who I am, and who I’m not.
Pieces of my heart.
And almost nothing of my pride.
I’m real, even when I lie.
I’m telling you, I’M A HYPOCRITE!

Mental health matters.
Women and men are in danger.
All together.
Men tend to hide to cry.
They shouldn’t.
‘Strong’ labels to some.
And they can’t show the scars.
People look up to the people on the sides.
We’re in this together, we just need to realize.
Mental health matters.
Mental problems, past traumas.
Emotional air bags. Broken clouds.
The world and their stereotypes.
Who’s allowed to get harmed.
Who’s allowed to cry.
The rest might put on a mask.
Until it suffocate us.
Until life ends from covered wounds.
Silent mouths, heavy hearts.
Speak up.
Everyone is allowed to be down.
It’s a depressive world looking and waiting to be stopped.

Caffeine, sugar cube.
The night, the breeze, me and the memories of you.
Talking to the moon.
Expecting her to love me, how I loved you.
She’s light in the darkness.
She’s seen me out and right through.
Still there to give hope of a future.
Expecting her to love me more.
To always be there. To never go.
In case I need my plan B, my option 2.
Expecting her to feel the love I had for you.
Expecting her to love me the same way I loved you.

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Kimberly Marlene Esparza