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It’s Not A Big Deal!!

India has always been regarded as the nation of different types of tradition and culture. Being a developing nation, people in India always boast about the “equality” amongst the citizens no matter what gender, colour or the culture they belong to. But in reality where equality is concerned there are many corners of Indian society where the definition changes according to the situation.

People of India talk about the empowerment and the rights of the women but its society does not accept a women during her menstrual time. The society does not even open up to talk about it .Whether it is the selling of Sanitary Pads wrapped in newspapers and black poly bags by the shopkeepers to the use of “blue  liquid mixture” in the advertisements to show “that time of the month”. During the schooling hour, skipping the chapter “reproduction” by the teachers clearly depicts the narrow mindness  of the people. Even women hide the fact that they are on their periods from their friends or even family members It’s still a hush hush talks within female. 

Menstruation is a natural part of women’s reproductive cycle in which blood from the uterus exits through vagina every month for the period of 4 days- a week approx. which indicates that the body of the female is ready and healthy for bearing childbirth. Despite the fact that every female goes through it this always has been surrounded by myths and taboos. During the menstrual period still females are excluded from many aspects of the socio-cultural life which ends up affecting their emotional and mental mind set. Menstruation is still considered as a dirty and impure state a woman is in for a week. Prohibition on the entries in the kitchen, holy places and even indifferent behaviour within family along with the society are still being practiced in every corner of the country. It has been stated that in ancient times these bondation were meant to give the women break from the daily chores and give them rest due to weakness and cramps caused during the menstrual time but now a days rather than being caring about stuff like this, people have started to take these in a totally different  and irrelevant context.

Even nowadays people consider themselves bold and modern; they are still hesitant to talk about menstruation and menstrual hygiene. The acceptance of the male regarding the same is out of the question when women themselves follow and believe these taboos.It’s high time that people start to understand that having a period is as natural as breathing, talking about it, knowing what happens during the time, and having discussions about it is NORMAL ; IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL!!.

It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, it’s high time to normalise stains on the pants of the girls and stop gawking and gossiping about it. IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL!!

It’s natural for a woman to go through a series of changes in their moods and health during periods. It might be difficult for men to actually understand all these in a deeper level because they can never experience it; hence they will never know but being supporting, caring and understanding during the time helps a lot!! So stop blaming everything on PMS and try being a little mellowed and be there for the women in your life; be it your mother, sister, lover or a friend. IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL!!



✨Why isn’t it okay when someone wants to talk openly about things that are not considered “Society Friendly” ?  
✨Why isn’t it okay to explore new dimension of life in order to live life according to your wishes without being judged ?
✨ Why isn’t it okay to be the person you really want to be without being anxious about how people will react to it?
✨ Why isn’t it okay to talk about your emotions openly; when you feel down, lonely and are filled with melancholy?
✨ Why isn’t it okay to evade the things you don’t believe in without being considered disrespectful?
✨ Why isn’t it okay to fail sometimes and yet not be afraid to start all over again?
✨ Why isn’t it okay to take life as it is and not make it as competition to prove yourself?
✨ Why isn’t it okay to be the turtle in the race and enjoy the pace rather than being the rabbit ?
✨ Why isn’t it okay to stand out and be the person you’re supposed to be without being termed as “selfish”? 

Few of the questions everyone have felt in core of their minds and hearts but have really not tried to actually ask them. Isn’t it high time that we do the needful and finally address the things that needs to get highlighted and normalised.

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