Poems by Anandhi Moorthy-

“What is the purpose of life?” he asks me
Well I don’t know, love… 
Maybe it’s the countless encounters with strangers-
Who become friends, family and more
Just to walk out as strangers again
Maybe it’s the endless choices we make – 
Some right, some wrong, some somewhere in the middle
Choices that become lessons we often fail to learn
Maybe it’s the sea of emotions, 
Sadness with a pinch of joy or joy with drops of misery 
Emotions that eat us inside out
Maybe it’s the unique experiences,
Some unforgettable, some unforgivable, some just fleeting 
Experiences that shape our individuality 
Maybe it’s you
Maybe it’s me
Maybe it’s us – 
Just us in this very moment, 
Which my heart longs to freeze and relive endless times
Maybe life is a blend of everything 
Everything human
Everything scary 
Everything that defines this universe
Instead of wondering why
Let’s just open our arms-
To capture these little moments of bliss
And experience them while they last
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Anandhi Moorthy