Poems by Mannat Arora-

The staircase to my dreams,
Is standing tall and wide
It’s a dilemma for me,
To show my fear or hide.
A single movement of my feet 
Echoes amidst the walls,
The passion is choking my lungs,
But is my air,in the world of protocols.
Quench the thirst of soul
Silence acts like an aid,
I fill my soul with belief,
And feel the fear fade.
The stairwell to my dreams
Is a blackhole with undefined depth,
The walls are telling me to turn back,
But i take the first step
We are all chasing kites,
And running towards pain
The blood is oozing out of our hands,
But it’s keeping us sane.
We are all fond of accomplishing,
And being on our toes,
Though when our hands started hurting,
We should’ve let our kites go.
For dreams,like kites
Cannot always be caught,
Peace comes by letting go
Doesn’t mean,you never fought.
If the thread is pricking your skin,
The failures making you hate
Just stop being so rigid,
And succumbing to the realms of fate.
Let the kite go now,
Don’t hold on,to a desire of the past,
You are allowed to change
No dream is your last.
Holding on,isn’t always right
Letting go,sometimes is,
Maybe his kite is yours to catch
And yours is his.
Down her eyes,
As a drop cascades,
Its path can softly be traced.
A little salty,
Pure like gold,
Slightly silver glazed.
A trembly opening,
Seldom the drop falls in,
Continuing leisurely its route
The difference is,
Unlike the natural,
This waterfall is mute.
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Mannat Arora