Poems by Siddhi Ved-

Tale of a girl, sitting by herself by the window
Looking at the stars, hugging her pillow..
Thinking about mountains and stars,
No wonder she hates going to bars..
Packed her bags one fine day,
Did not care about what people will have to say..
Landed in a place surrounded by mountains,
It seemed as if someone opened her curtains..
She was surrounded by strangers,
Surprisingly she did not feel any danger..
Loving the way her travel turned out to be,
She decided that only travel can make her flee..
Checked her bucket list and added some more,
Traveling solo to places will help her explore..
Fresh breeze, high hills and a little snow,
That’s all she needs to shine and glow..
It hits you back,
Like nothing else ever did..
It makes you feel there is something you lack,
Like an auction everyone will bid..
It hits you when you’re at your lowest,
Makes you realise you did the same..
Remember the ones who are closest,
And you’ll understand you were being super lame..
What goes around comes around,
And the cycle continues..
It’s going to happen as each one is bound,
One stops and voila, one more is anew..
Don’t take it to your grave they say,
Ego, anger and grudges will always betray..
Tendency of humans to fall in its prey,
Karma comes and bites you the same way..
Pretty dense you can’t escape,
What it does to you, you can’t complain..
All you can do is only relate,
Coz darling it’s Karma it hits you and you can’t explain..
Once upon a time just like a fairytale,
I fell for you and so my ship began to sail..
Stars and moon and flowers and rain,
Started loving them but all in vain..
It began with love and ended with hate,
May be it was all written in fate..
Ego and anger did show their face,
In the meanwhile you showed me my place!
Playing the blame game like always,
Your ego wins and so it stays..
Love and lust you mixed them both,
Played with my heart and called me a loathe..
Little by little you ruined it for me,
Nevertheless what I feel you will never see..
I promise not to fall in love with you again,
Though it kills me I will rise and shine again..
Couldn’t look myself in the mirror,
Lost some respect for self and got lil bitter..
Say no more, you might see me never,
Here I say that and I rest my case forever..
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Siddhi Ved