poems by Simra Sajid-

Whenever I CLOSE my EYES,
My mind becomes agile,
And the body becomes fragile.
I try to connect the dots,
And disentangle the leftover knots,
So that I could give a shot to my THOUGHTS.
Whenever I OPEN my MOUTH,
I fear what if I make a glitch,
But then I envelope myself with a hitch.
I try to push myself through the herds,
Ignoring all the luring feather of birds,
So that I could put my thoughts into WORDS.
I always remember, how I tried to hold the sand.
If we feed weeds then in that direction only we’ll proceed,
On that day, I understood the beauty of seed.
Then I realized the value of three main BEADS,
My Iron is in Rust
Carrying a mountain of pain
Your return is something I trust
More than the commencement of rain
My Iron is in Rust
Believing that tears are not in vain
My future is something I entrust
While strolling the wet,cold lane
My Iron is in Rust
I know pain will cause me gain
From the day you left me first
Sunlight of a new day is keeping me sane
My Iron is in Rust
My pain is boon rather than bane
Knowing that the gust will erode the dust
Believing the tears I am weeping will be slain
My Iron is in Rust
Your appearance will break the shackles and chain
I trust that your return is must
You will drain the stain from my brain
As long as darkness covered the atmosphere exactly the way how curtain covered the window
I thought you were here
But I was not able to push myself there
Perhaps out of fear
Unaware of the fact that I was in despair
I was so scared to peep through the curtain that I thought you might disappear
But as soon as the sun broke out 
And when I draw aside the curtain
I witnessed the land outside was bare
There was nobody except ceaseless air
Then I understood that the thought popped up because of my solitary state of affair
I wiped out my tear
And walked out with HOPE, HAPPINESS and CHEER.
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Simra Sajid